Unsere Treuen Freunde
"Our Loyal Friend" 

We no longer breed Weimaraners
We just enjoy them!!

The Martin family has been Weimaraner crazy for many years and finally purchased their first several years ago. We were blessed with five of them and now we are down to one. Lucy Lou was a gray weim, loved to go hunting for pheasants with Rich and fish all day in the summer with our youngest daughter Taylor. We miss Lucy, she will always be so very special to us.  Traeger was a beautiful blue weim who was very mild mannered and had a majestic look about him, very strong, fast and agile, he had quite the personality and was so very silly sometimes. His coat was so shimmery. He watched over us always and will always be missed. Emma Sue  was 5 months old and already finding and pointing her own birds! She had a very high prey drive and  loved to hunt, she was very quirky but she sure did love us, she will be missed always. Sophie is blue and the biggest lover of all. She is very laid back in the house which is where she thinks she should be when not outside, and well behaved. She is very smart and very independant. She loves to swim and hang with the big dogs, nose to ground or in the air. Sophie loves the puppies and the human babies as well, they can lay on her and she tolerates it all, she actually treats our grandbaby like he is a puppy.  Bristol is the youngest and she is a very loving girl who watches over us just like her dad did. They had great personalities and are very loyal to those they love. These are awesome dogs, and our home would never be the same without them! We recently added a new baby girl to our family, her name is Stella Rose and she is a German Shorthair Pointer who will be Rich's newest hunting partner.

Pedigrees are on the next page and you can also go to www.weimaranerpedigrees.com  to do some of your own research! This website has a ton of information on it, and if your weimaraner's pedigree isn't on there, please ad it on.