Emma's 2013 Summer Litter  

Emma's puppies have arrived, June 25th, 2013. They will be available for pickup or shipping around August 19th, not before 8 weeks of age. There are 3 blue and 4 silver gray pups. These are the sweetest puppies ever! Indoor homes with lots of time to teach and love your new fur kid is required. Puppies are getting around on their puppy legs. Getting cuter everyday!! Some of the puppies will have white on their chest. Let me know which you are interested in and I will take pics or a video to text to you. Updates will be given and pics will be taken of your pup on a regular basis so you dont miss out! More puppy pics on weimaraner puppy page, 2013 Emma and Traeger album.

Puppies are $750.00. I ask for a $200.00 non refundable deposit and vet reference. I ask that you keep in touch with updates and pictures through the years. We reserve the right to pick of the litter. I take paypal and we can ship.

Is The Weimaraner Right For You?
The Weimaraner Standard describes the breed temperament as friendly, fearless, alert, and obedient, but this is but the half of its personality. Assertive, bold, loyal, and headstrong also fit, giving the dog a loving attitude with a willingness to take the upper paw in the family if the opportunity presents itself. Housebreaking can be a problem, as can destructive chewing.

Like most large hunting breeds, the Weimaraner needs lots of exercise and must be kept in a fenced yard to prevent him from ranging in search of game. Because he was developed as a hunting dog and still maintains those instincts, he may be dangerous to birds and small mammals. Unlike many hunting breeds, however, the Weimaraner is a house dog and does poorly when confined to a kennel.

This is a breed that needs obedience training to control his rambunctious nature. Owners should have a crate for the new puppy for help in housetraining and to protect furniture and woodwork from puppy teeth when the little rascal cannot be watched. Puppy classes or control exercises at home are essential for the Weimaraner the moment he enters the family. He must be taught all members of the family are to be obeyed. Training methods must be gentle and firm, for harsh treatment will sour his attitude.

Characteristics Of Weimaraners from Weimaraner Club of America
1. Weimaraners are very energetic animals...they are bred to hunt all day with their master. Changing this behavior changes the essential Weim. If you can not deal with this behavior, you should look at other breeds less rambunctious!

2. Weims are not soft mouthed like a Golden Retriever or Irish Setter. They are still the game hunter and some Weims have a low tolerance for small fur bearing animals including cats and small dogs. Changing this behavior again changes the basic temperament of the dog.

3. Weims can bark and if you are away from them too much and they are left to themselves, Weimaraners are like any other lonely dog, they will bark incessantly and develop bad habits or try escaping their surroundings.

4. Although Weimaraners are hunting dogs, they do not like living outdoors. They require your attention. They are the true, loyal, hunting companions in every respect, needing your friendship. Chaining a Weim outside will not work!

5. Inspite of the folklore and myth surrounding the breed, the Weimaraner is not a wonder dog. Given the opportunity, he will still steal the pot roast off the dining room table when no one is looking!

May 2013 puppies going home(coming soon). Congratulations!


Last years pups!

Cole Younger- blue collar (nice blue male)

Doc Holliday-black collar silver grey male,laid back, cuddly and so sweet!

   Little Britches -pink flower collar-cute petite blue female, sweet and on the go! Pearl in back.



    Pearl Hart -pink collar silver grey female- on the go sweet girl!                                                                     


Are you my mama? Sophie loves them like she was! Sweet girl!            

  Emma's pups growing up!  2010 litter


Maverick(above) now lives in Raleigh NC, sweet boy!   


 Remi(above) lives in St. Louis, pretty girl!


     Bo lives in Floresent Mo, big boy!    


Bentley lives in Columbia, Mo. My follower, what a lover!