Traeger Blue: Mom thinks i'm beautiful!

Lucy: Check this out Dad!

I got it covered!

Taylor and Lucy nappin'!

Lucy Lou just chillin' in the house

Traeger Blue thought the cattails were fair game!

We call this the big 10 puppy pile 2007. Whew that was exausting!


Baby blue in 2007!


Emma was last years baby, she was so loved... it was hard to let her go!

What is going on here!

Even with those big ol boobs weighing me down, I can catch some fish.

Where's it at!

Our new Baby, Emma Sue. I know that bird went this way! 

What did you say???? 

Emma on her first hunt!

Not afraid of anything, and pointed her first bird quickly!

Emma and Traeger, oh how they love each other!!

Emma in the field

Hunting Pheasant

The cattail is MINE

Our newest weim, Sophie, with nose in the air

Sophies favorite place to be

Well, where is it?? Back left to right-Emma, Traeger Front-Sophie, Lucy

Yep!! Im pretty sure it was me, uh sorry mum!

Pretty girl Sophie,  loves to chill in the house!

Sophie in the field


Traeger in the field